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Daylighting Solutions

Our goal is to provide High-Performance Daylighting Systems which manage the transmission of natural daylight through roof and wall applications which include: skylights, canopies, skyroofs, translucent panel wall systems, and tubular daylighting devices. In addition, we now offer a complete line of Fixed and Mechanical Sun Controls (Sunshades) that save energy, reduce heat and glare, allowing filtered light to enter the building interior while still allowing occupants to see out.

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Space Management Solutions

Our goal is to offer the best methods of Space Management for acoustical separation and flexibility through vertical and horizontal folding wall systems which include: operable partitions (both vertical and horizontal), folding glass wall systems, accordion doors, and custom sliding doors.

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Fire & Smoke Containment

Innovative and aesthetically appealing fire and smoke protection systems to fit any purpose and any opening in your building including atrium separation, elevator protection, large separations allowing egress, and stair/escalator enclosures.

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